tea menu

Espresso Mar-Tea-Ni

When you’re not sure if you want tea or coffee, then why not have both! This beautiful black tea begins with a coffee taste and ends with a crisp English Breakfast feel. A surprising delight of a drink.

Donut Touch My

All the goodness of cinnamon, vanilla and cake without any of the bad stuff. If you are a sweet tooth, with a love of all things donut then wrap your enthusiastic taste buds around this one!

Good Morning London

If Queen Lizzie was visiting this would be the tea you’d serve! It’s classy enough for the royals and simple enough for the outback farmers. Take a bow English Breakfast.

Vermont Chai

Did someone say pancakes? You betcha, this maple infused Chai is all things incredible. You can drink it black or over some vanilla soy and honey for the most decadent of delights. Trust me. You want it!

Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts

That’s it, you heard right, it’s cheeky and delightful all at the same time. The perfect balance of bold Indian Assam with sweet coconut and a touch of rich chocolate for the cherry on top.

Sir Earl

Perfect Earl Grey, daring with bold bergamot and sweet to the eye with blue cornflowers. It’s all you could want in an earl grey with the added touch of fancy.

Liquid Berries

Some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it with spirits… we don’t judge! Berry beautiful indeed, it tastes like a sweet delicious cup of berries with a delicate green tea ending.

Just Add Gin

Enough said?.... Fun and ready for a good time this tea is pumped with antioxidants and gentle green tea flavour. Layered with citrusy fresh lime and strawberry it’s sweet, refreshing and great for all seasons.

In Mint Condition

Think a mint slice biscuit, in a cup, without calories. A fuller bodied twist on peppermint tea, with a soft chocolate undertone it’s refreshing and a little sweet.

Calm Your Farm

Come in, get your hair done and grab a cup of tea… the perfect recipe. Calm Your Farm is soft and floral with a gentle freshness from lemon as well as the beautiful sweetness chamomile and lavender.

Razzle Red

She’s pretty in pink, just like your fav lipstick! This is thanks to Red South African Rooibos, spectacular in colour. We are also bringing fruity red apple and raspberry to this splendid cuppa, flawless hot or iced.

Seedy Like Sunday Morning

Kind of in your face… yet fragrant. A crisp peppermint base balances out a hint of liquorice leaving a clean finish. It’s balanced, like yoga, but with fennel seed…

Tall & Punchy

Kind of in your face… yet fragrant. A crisp peppermint base balances out a hint of liquorice leaving a clean finish. It’s balanced, like yoga, but with fennel seed…

Pink Lemonade

This blushing beauty is also on Red South African Rooibos, with a zingy lemon pop and summer berries you’ll find yourself imagining those beautiful lemonade stands from the 50’s.

Sweet Poppy

Caramel popcorn people! Do I need to say more? This delicious rice green tea is delightful with the cutest pieces of popcorn and the sweetness of caramel…

Pulp Like Fiction

Creamy Oolong from Taiwan blended with passion fruit and some sneaky florals. It’s summer in a cup, a drinking sensation if you will. This one is perfect hot or iced, go on, take a sip, it’s sure to please.